As you know – or you will discover very soon –  La Via dei Concerti  is an unique Festival  based in cooperation and friendship, where everyone is involved in all the activities that complement the main activity, and that is, the musical “product”. One of the strengths of LVDC is the Staff! A team where we all work hand in hand, making each breakfast a moment of sharing, helping in cleaning the kitchen, taking care of the environment, taking care of the young participants, helping to maintain the rooms and the hostel in excellent condition, etc.

Here you will find the groups that will take care of each of these tasks

Breakfast groups

9/7: Valerio Terzan, Stefanny, Luz

10/7: Sebastian, Jose Jesus, Sandra

11/7: Milana, Juan, Eva

12/7: Nany, Marina, Emily

13/7: Clare, Diana, Valerio Terzan

14/7: Jose Jesus, John, Stefanny

15/7: Sebastian, Luz Elena, Nany

16/7: Sandra, Emily, Diana

17/7: Milana, Clare, Eva

18/7: Marina, Sandra, Sebastian

19/7: Jose Jesus, Nany,  Clare

20/7: Juan, Luz Elena, Stefanny

21/7: Milana,Diana, Valerio Terzan

22/7: Eva, Marina, Emily

23/7: Clare, Jose Jesus, Sandra

Dishwashing groups

8/7: Clare, Sebas, José Jesus,

9/7: Eva, Nany, Milana

10/7: Emily, Marina, Luz

11/7: Valerio Terzan, Stefy, Sandra

12/7: Juan, Diana Pap, John, Nany

13/7: Sebas, José Jesus, Eva

14/7: Clare, Emily, Marina

15/7: Milana, Juan, Valerio Terzan

16/7: John, Stefy, Marta

18/7: Diana, José Jesus, Clare

19/7: Sandra, Nany, Emily

20/7: Sebas, Juan, Marina

21/7: Luz, Sandra, Marta

22/7: Stefy, Valerio Terzan, John

Room control groups

10/7: Valerio Terzan, Milana Ruchkina, Juan David Zuleta, John Cardona

12/7: Luz Elena Acevedo, Sandra Martìnez, Marina Bernal, Clare Ahn

14/7: Diana Pap, Valerio Terzan, Marta Lombana, Julian Gallon

16/7: Eva Maria Zaninotto, Emily Mower, Jose Jesus Bernal, Luz Elena Acevedo

18/7: Dorany Castrillon, Stefanny Gamboa,  Juan Zuleta, Sebastián Cañas

20/7: Eva Maria Zaninotto, Milana Ruchkina, John Faber Cardona, Sandra Martìnez

22/7: Dorany Castrillon, Emily Mower,  Marina Bernal , Clare Ahn

23/7: Marta Lombana, Luz Elena Acevedo, Eva Maria Zaninotto, Stefanny Gamboa, Juan David Zuleta,  John Faber Cardona, Sebastian Cañas, Valerio Terzan, Dorany Castrillon